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My work is representational, but objects are just jumping-off points for me.

There is usually an initial moment of perception that I try to

sustain throughout a painting -- a moment often characterized

by a strongly intuited sense of visual drama and stability -- an insight

that the objects to be represented

are well grounded in their settings yet also have something

that intrigues me to want to stop and look.

I obsess over all the technical matters that make oil paintings interesting:

edges; suggestions of planes, forms, and spaces; tones; impasto;

and the emotion inherent in chiaroscuro and color.  


Though I had always painted from life, during the COVID pandemic

I have learned to work on landscapes

while staying home, sourcing inspiration from pictures

taken on family vacations -- photos I edited, cropped, and then

interpreted from memory

as I translated from photo to painting. 

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Joe Kossow received a Master in Fine Arts degree from The American University in Washington, DC in 1982, where he studied with Ben Summerford, Robert D’Arista and Jack Boul. 


In 1983 he co-founded the Washington Studio School with Lee Newman, Carlton Fletcher, Jack Boul, Susan Yanero, David Holt, Jo Weiss, and Katie Murray. Joe taught at the Washington

Studio School and local Washington area

colleges for 8 years.

He was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields prize

in 1983. His work has been shown in the DC

area, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and in Paris

and Nancy, France.  He lives and works in

Princeton, New Jersey.