Joe Kossow received a Master in Fine Arts degree from The American University in Washington, DC in 1982. He was fortunate to have studied with Ben Summerford, Robert D’Arista, and Jack Boul. In 1983, he co-founded the Washington Studio School with Lee Newman, Carlton Fletcher, Jack Boul, Susan Yanero, David Holt,

Jo Weiss, and Katie Murray. Joe taught at the Washington Studio School and local Washington area colleges for 8 years. 


He was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields prize in 1983. His work has been shown in the DC area, Pennsylvania, and in Paris and Nancy, France. He had a series of solo and group shows throughout the 1980s.


Joe decided that to raise a family the way he wanted to he needed to earn a more substantial income, so he left the art world in 1990. He went back to school where he received a Master in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. He worked in corporate life from then until his retirement in 2016. Joe painted and drew just enough over those years to prevent complete and total rust from setting in.


2017 marked Joe’s return to painting full time.  In Joe’s words: “I paint as I did before, only with substantially more patience and maturity.”

In my current work, I find that I enjoy making small paintings with old, discarded implements and tools, nothing too precious, as my subject matter. So I go to flea markets to find small, hand-held, often rusty utensils, and then I paint them.  They can be arranged as if they are having a conversation with other members of their tribe. I like this sense of ‘objects having a dialogue’ when composing a small still life. 


But I try to find something beyond that as I work. I want the paint itself to have as much variety of texture and interest as the objects, for the colors to be rich and compelling, and for the composition of shapes and economically suggested spaces to leave room for the viewer to make an imaginative leap… a leap that feels bigger perhaps, because the painting itself is
small and intimate.

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Recent Small Still Life Paintings

March 9-25

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 10, 2:00-5:00pm

Solley Lobby Gallery

Paul Robeson Center for the Arts

102 Witherspoon Street 

Princeton, Nj 08542-3204

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