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I love everyday objects, and things that show their age. 
So I often paint old bottles and tools, flowers and fruit. My painting is an affirmation
of the importance of looking, of perceiving, of drawing, of composing
and finding a balance between visual drama and stability. Being in love with oil paint
as a material, I tend to obsess over all the technical matters that make 
oil paintings interesting: edges; suggestions of planes, forms, and spaces; tones; impasto; 
and the emotion inherent in chiaroscuro and color. 
But mainly I paint because I have to.
I tried not painting for a long while; it left a hole that nothing else really filled. 


A word on the frames:
many of the newer paintings are mounted in -- and were composed
to fit -- molded frames that were designed by Robert Kulicke
(a wonderful painter in his own right, in addition to being a world-class frame maker).  They were inspired by beautiful frames from
art history -- starting in ancient Egypt and working forward
through centuries of European frames.  Composing paintings to fit these shapes
posed a series of interesting challenges,
but the end result was worth it, and it's great to honor
Kulicke's memory in this way.

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Joe Kossow received a Master in Fine Arts degree from The American University in Washington, DC in 1982, where he studied with Ben Summerford, Robert D’Arista and Jack Boul. 


In 1983 he co-founded the Washington Studio School with Lee Newman, Carlton Fletcher, Jack Boul, Susan Yanero, David Holt, Jo Weiss, and Katie Murray. Joe taught at the Washington

Studio School and local Washington area

colleges for 8 years.

He was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields prize

in 1983. His work has been shown in the DC

area, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and in Paris

and Nancy, France.  He lives and works in

Princeton, New Jersey.

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